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¿Why is a GPS tracker for kids very useful?

Actualizado: 12 de ago de 2020

Whether your child is in kindergarten or middle school, a GPS tracker for kids is one of the many ways to keep them safe at school. See them arrive and leave school safely, go between after school activities, go to the park or to a friend’s house and even talk to them directly through two-way communication on the devices as a normal phone call.

These trackers come as GPS wearables like watches, pins, or other ways that give you peace of mind without distracting them, with an extra protection like contacts whitelist and away from social media.

Some facts are:

  • 61% of parents report worrying most about losing their child in large crowds such as parades and festivals.

  • 14% of parents say they’re worried most about losing their child when their children go to hang out with friends.

  • 13% of parents report worrying most about losing their child while traveling.

  • 96% of parents say that their children would be OK with parents knowing where they are at all times.

  • 94% of parents say that their children would want to know where a parent is at all times.

As kids get older, they’ll want to explore on their own, hang out with friends, and attend school functions alone. 

A survey showed that 12 and 13 were significant years for the average child in terms of independence. The average age parents gave their children cell phones was 12. And 13 is the average age parents would let kids walk to school alone. But, what about younger children? Are we giving them any extra protection? That's one reason of the existence of these wearables like PinGo.

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